Signs Of Self

Independent Living Services for people who are Deaf, Hard-of-hearing or Deaf-Blind

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Independent Living Skills Training

Independent living€¯ is different for every person, but we will strive to assist our clients whether it be: with bus training, filing out paperwork, basic computer skills, getting benefits, finding additional care, applying for or attending college, or getting ready to find employment or training. We may also recruit and refer providers for our consumers as needed. Care providers may be able to assist with personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation or other needs.

Information and Referral

Our information and referral service helps community members become aware of benefits, programs and services available for people with disabilities. We will also strive to distribute relevant information to the community and our consumers about disability related issues.


Our staff is available, upon our consumers' requests, to help empower persons with disabilities to learn how to obtain their personal, administrative and/or civil rights.

Peer Advising

We provide peer advisors who serve as role models and offer support in coping with day-to-day issues/problems and in social/personal behavior enhancement.

Representative Payee (Rep Payee) Program

In an effort to reduce or eliminate financial exploitation or mismanagement of funds, the Representative Payee Program offers financial management assistance to individuals whose physical or mental illness restricts their ability to manage their own money. Signs of Self partners with the Social Security Administration, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Mental Health, the probate court system and other professionals to provide a safety net for clients who are incapable of successfully managing their funds. The Representative Payee Program's primary objective is to ensure that at-risk, low-income individuals continue to receive their monthly benefits and utilize those benefits to pay for shelter, food, and clothing. With their necessities paid, our clients live as functionally independent and as comfortable as possible within the means of their limited income.

Assistive Technology

We provide our clients with information about technology that can assist them in their daily lives. Assistive technology devices include everything from Velcro strips and mechanical grabbers to video communication software and vehicle hand controls.


We help our clients learn how to not only search for housing, but to also complete paperwork, understand about deposits and paying rent, and how to deal with landlords. We will also maintain a list of available housing and provide information concerning rent subsidy programs, architectural barrier removal and adaptive aids.

Pre-Employment Skills

We can assist our clients in creating resumes, doing online or paper job searches, filling out applications, learning what they need to know or do prior to becoming employed, and understanding what is required in order for them to remain employed.

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